Smoking Cessation Benefit

You and your adult dependents are eligible to participate in the Quit For Life Program, which is provided at no cost (other than the cost for prescribed drugs) and covers:

  • up to five coaching calls from a Quit Coach;
  • on-line support via the Quit Now website—; and
  • non-prescription Nicotine Replacement Therapy (such as the patch, gum, or lozenges) upon recommendation of a Quit Coach.

Quit For Life Program Spotlight: CELEBRATE Your Freedom From Tobacco

Discover how good freedom from tobacco feels. The Quit For Life Program will help you set a clear path to quitting. Call 1-866-QUIT-4-LIFE (1-866-784-8454), or log on to for details or to enroll.

Note: The Fund covers prescription and over-the-counter smoking cessation products at 100%, with no copay, for up to two 90-day treatments per year. After that, prescription smoking cessation products are subject to the copayments and limitations outlined in the Prescription Drug pages.

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