Transition Care & Care Assist Programs

The Fund is partnering with naviHealth (previously Innovative Healthcare Delivery) to provide a Transition Care Program and a Care Assist Program for participants who are scheduled for an outpatient procedure or have been admitted to the hospital. This new benefit helps you navigate the health care system and stay healthy to avoid hospital readmission.

Here’s How it Works

Transition Care Program: naviHealth will contact you if you have been admitted to a hospital to assist with coordinating your post-discharge care. Or, if you know you are going to be admitted, call 304-316-2187 to arrange for assistance in advance. The naviHealth staff is comprised of experienced professionals—called Patient Navigators—who understand the Fund’s benefits and the complexities of the health care system. They advocate on your behalf to ensure your pathway to recovery is free of any obstacles.

Care Assist Program (CAP): If you are scheduled for an outpatient procedure, call 304-316-2187 for help with medications, coordinating your medical records between providers, scheduling check-ups and evaluations, and setting up durable medical equipment needed for the recovery process.

naviHealth Services

  • General assistance with post-discharge needs. naviHealth’s Navigation Specialists are available to answer questions and provide support.
  • Schedule medical appointments. naviHealth can schedule your follow-up doctor visits, as well as facilitate communication and coordinate care with your providers.
  • Locate health care providers. If you need care your provider doesn’t offer, naviHealth can locate appropriate alternate providers.
  • Coordinate delivery of medical records. naviHealth can have your medical records delivered to your doctor for follow-up appointments.
  • Assist with community resources. naviHealth can connect you with community resources to facilitate your care and recovery.
  • Coordinate prescription fills. Discharged patients often require one or more medications. naviHealth can help get your prescriptions filled and see that you receive them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does naviHealth have nurses or doctors that can help me? naviHealth does not provide medical care. naviHealth assists patients in coordinating their care with doctors and other services that are available. naviHealth is your advocate in health care.
  • When should I contact naviHealth? You can contact naviHealth anytime, but especially if you have been, or know you are going to be, admitted to the hospital. This way naviHealth can help ensure you experience a smooth transition home.
  • What services does naviHealth provide? naviHealth can help schedule medical appointments, refer patients to programs and resources, and find health care providers that suit your needs. See above for more information.