Make the Most of Your Prescription Plan

When it comes to the various components that make up your 4th District Health Fund benefits, you may not have given much thought to your prescription drug coverage. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), prescription drugs account for nearly 10% of the total amount Americans spend on health care. Whether you need an occasional medication for a specific illness or maintenance meds for a chronic condition, a big chunk of your personal health care budget could be on the line.

Your 4th District Health Fund benefits plan has you covered. When you enroll in medical plan benefits, you are eligible for prescription drug benefits, administered by Sav-Rx. Here are a few quick tips to help you make the most of your prescription plan.

Ask for a Generic. How much the plan pays for each prescription depends in part on the type of drug you receive: generic, preferred brand name or non-preferred brand name. Under our plan, generic drugs have the lowest copay, which saves you money. Generic drugs are chemically identical to the brand-name version, so they are guaranteed to be equally as safe and effective. When your doctor writes a prescription, ask if there is a generic equivalent. If it’s the right choice for your situation, your out-of-pocket cost could be significantly lower.

It’s In the Mail. Another way to save money is by using Sav-Rx’s mail-order pharmacy for maintenance medications. These are drugs you take over a longer period of time for an ongoing health issue, like diabetes or high cholesterol. When you use mail order for your generic drug, you can receive up to a 90-day supply for a single copay of $15. If you consider that a 30-day supply filled at a retail pharmacy at a minimum cost $10, your savings could add up quickly.

Take a Step. Certain medications may require Step Therapy. Step Therapy helps you get an effective medication to treat your condition while keeping costs as low as possible. Step Therapy requires you to first try certain drugs before another drug will be covered. For example, if two drugs both treat your condition—like a generic and a brand name—you may be required to try the less expensive generic drug first. This can save both you and the Fund money.

Want to Learn More? To find out more about your prescription drug benefits, including Step Therapy, copays and your annual out-of-pocket maximum, check out the Prescription Drug Benefits section. If you need more information about Sav-Rx or want to locate a participating pharmacy, visit their website.