Life & Accidental Death Benefits

Life Insurance

Life Insurance can help provide for your beneficiary in the event of your death.

  • Benefit: If you are in the Building Trades or Flexible Choice Plan, this benefit pays your beneficiary $25,000 in the event of your death from any cause.
  • Filing a claim: Your beneficiary should complete a life insurance claim form and return it along with any required documentation to the Fund Office.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

AD&D benefits are payable for the loss of life, the loss of limb(s), or the loss of sight of one or both eyes due to an accident.

  • Benefit: Your beneficiary will receive a benefit in the event of your accidental death, based on the Summary of AD&D Benefits. You will receive a benefit in the event of an accident that results in injury, but not death.
  • AD&D beneficiary: Your beneficiary for AD&D is the same person(s) you have designated for your life insurance benefit.
  • Filing a claim: You or your beneficiary should complete an AD&D benefits claim form and return it, along with any required documentation, to the Fund Office.

Filing a Claim

Insurance coverage for death and accidental death and dismemberment will be provided through the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. However, in the event of your death, or should you lose your life, a limb(s), or sight in one or both of your eyes due to an accident, you or your beneficiary must submit a claim form, along with all required documentation, to the Fund Office.

Generally, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company will notify you or your beneficiary of the decision made regarding your claim for benefits within 90 days. In the event that additional time is needed to review the claim for benefits or more information is needed, you will be provided with information on the claim’s status prior to the expiration of the initial 90-day period.

When the claim for life insurance benefits falls within the policy exclusions, your beneficiary will be notified that the claim is denied and an explanation of the reason(s) for the denial will be provided. The Notice of the Adverse Benefit Determination will contain the following:

  • The specific reasons for the adverse benefit determination;
  • The specific reference to the Plan and/or Summary Plan Description provisions on which the adverse benefit determination was based;
  • A description of any additional materials or information necessary to perfect the claim and an explanation of why such material or information is necessary;
  • The notice of any internal guidelines or protocols used in making the decision, if applicable, and the right to receive a copy;
  • A notice of the right to a written explanation of any exclusion which affects the claim; and
  • A description of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company’s appeals procedure.