Get the Most out of Your Next Doctor’s Office Visit

Are you nervous about your next visit to the doctor? Just trying to schedule the appointment, completing the stack of forms, and remembering your ID card can turn a simple office visit into a stressful experience. If you go in prepared however, you can make your next doctor’s office visit a walk in the park! Here are some tips to make your next doctor’s office visit stress-free:

  • Know what services are covered and how they are covered by the Plan. Check the Medical Benefits page before heading to the doctor so you’ll know how your plan works and how much it covers for different services. Remember, in-network preventive care is covered 100% and diagnostic visits are generally covered at 80%, after the deductible, when you use in-network providers.
  • Write down your questions ahead of time. During a doctor’s visit you can get distracted or nervous and forget what questions or concerns you wanted to discuss. To prevent this from happening, write down your questions beforehand and bring them to the office with you. That way you can make sure you cover everything.
  • Figure out how to reconnect after the visit. “I know I’ll have questions when I get home. What’s the best way to reach you?” Your provider may have certain hours that he or she takes calls, or even be open to receiving e-mail. Whatever the case, make sure you know how to conveniently contact your doctor after your visit.